About Geoff Boorman Fuels

Geoff Boorman Fuels has been supplying domestic heating oil to homes throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey for over 20 years.

Our consistently competitive prices and friendly service mean that we have a large number of happy customers returning to us regularly. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service - we always do our best to deliver as quickly as possible – and always with a smile!

Ordering from us couldn't be easier. Contact us by phone, email or enquire online for a quote - then you can sit back, relax and wait for your fuel to arrive.

Providing quality oil with a quality service...

We only employ full-time local drivers and our tankers are located around the local area to ensure we can provide a quick and reliable service from drivers who know the area.

Our drivers are trained to deliver fuels safely to impeccable standards. You will likely get to know the person covering your neighbourhood as it will generally be the same one each time.

What we supply...

We only supply high-quality kerosene (heating oil) from reputable fuel suppliers and terminals.

If you have an Aga, a specially formulated clean-burn Aga additive can be added on request. Not only will it allow your system to burn smoothly and efficiently, but it also helps to reduce your fuel bills, increase the reliability of your system, stabilise your oil and keep your fuel fresher for longer by hindering the formation of tank sludge.

We also provide red diesel to local businesses. Red diesel (also known as gas oil, 35-second oil, and tractor diesel) is specifically for use in agricultural, construction, marine and other designated applications. Our fuel conforms to the BS EN590 standard for diesel.

Geoff Boorman Fuels - delivery with a smile... heating your home with care.